Startup Funding
Bootstrap Funding
Allow friends and backers to support your project directly. Streamline early funding with promotion and secure transaction. Entrepreneurs need first to go to friends, close acquaintances and family to raise early funds and capital. If you can get your family and friends to understand and support your project or start-up then you have a real chance getting funded.
CrowdFunding Business Model
Planning Services
Establishing a solid framework to create and add value to the Creator Economy and CrowdFunding community. CrowdFunding is partly art and partly science, It is a funding method that can be learned and mastered. Get consulted today.
CrowdFunding E-learning
CrowdFunding Education
We’ve done the work and the research so you don’t have to. You don’t need to be an expert, We make CrowdFunding easy and fun. Harness the power of the Crowd to turn your dream into reality now! Get Access Now!