About us

CrowdFund tank was created since most CrowdFunding portals do not focus, assist, promote or support  CrowdFund project's owners, issuers, investors, consultants and service providers  before, during and after CrowdFunding Campaign

CrowdFunding is a team effort , thus without the above organized and unified support more than %65 to %70 of projects are not a success (in their 1st campaign) and have to attempt a CrowdFunding Relaunch  and tray a new  CrowdFunding Plan.

CrowdFund Tank is a full-service CrowdFunding . specializes in brand building, educational campaigns, positioning, crowd building and promoting  of an  entrepreneurial products, services and events.

Our business  model is based on providing senior CrowdFunding counsel and mentors to our clients at all times and utilizing a network of best-in-class partners , service providers and early stage investors for creative, research, prototyping, build Crowdfunding campaign and go  to market strategy leveraging our many years of hands on experience and leveraging Google business solutions ( fabric of success) and applications.

This approach allows us to be collaborative, flexible, innovative and fast at a low cost.

Our team consists of senior-level professionals who have broad-based experience in relevant  fields . Our experience helps us “look around world and the  corners,” envision the potential opportunities  and then offer practical, effective and efficient  solutions.

Let us put our tank of  expertise to empower  for you and your CrowdFunding project .